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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Summer, the season of a blinding sun
Indoors and cool lemonades-
The half empty streets of Rajasthan
And the nocturnal desert serenades.

Summer, the season of warm whispers
Of a damp wetness all around
A room littered with glasses, jugs and sippers
A shrivelled face covered in a shroud.

Summer, the season of scorching mystery
A dried wrinkled face without a name
The martyred leaves of every tree
The tortured and torturer at their game.

Summer, the season of yellow memories
Of small girls running in pig tails
cool shadows under sunny stories
or waiting for the ancient snail mail.

Summer, the season of evening breeze,
Magic Norwester’s thunder shower
Walking under bougainvillea trees,
Reading the thoughts of a lonely sunflower.

© Nandini Basu.2010.


AD71 said...

Summer is indeed the season of beautiful "yellow memories" :)

june said...

your poem is a gentle mix of nostalgia and reality, lovingly blended to get the best flavor.

sup said...
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susmita said...

indian summer in its plentitude of images .... lovely