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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blanket of Dreams

Sometimes we need to adjust our glasses, do we not? This life is a game of perspective and proportion! Adjusting angles and optics! Sometimes we think the shadow to be real, sometimes the mouse seems to be a lion and the mass of cold ice, actually a thin sheet that breaks at the slightest pressure!

Have you ever watched your thoughts through the grotto of twilight? It seems so alien and dream like. Your thoughts, just thoughts, the thoughts of the spiritus mundi? I would love to see the sphinx slowly crouch towards Bethlehem, with all its centuries of mummified life! I will ride on the sphinx with all gay abandon, I will run and play through the coloumns of the courtyard in the Temple of Ra at Heliopolis! I will startle at my own shadow under the intense gaze of the noon day sun! I will let the stars fall from my fingers at night, I will lick the edge of the moon during my in-between-meals hunger, I will go to sleep like a queen with my blanket of dreams, I will be the crown on the head of the fairy queen, I will breathe like the night winds of the desert, I will laugh, laugh to the soprano of the delightful deluge! I will crush, with all might and passion just to build anew, I will make a giant dough, I love to make doughs of flour but this time I will make a dough of delight and bake it into an altered reality! I want to whisper a secret into my fairy godmother's ears! And at last I pasted darkness though my fevi quick gave way!

© Nandini Basu 2011